Author NEEL PREET Interviewed by Book Reviewer Srilekh Sridharan over his Poetry Collection Book, “Voice From The East”

Writer-Author, Neel Preet got interviewed by Book Reviewer, Srilekh Sridharan over his first book, VOICE FROM THE EAST, which is collection of 35 very appealing poetry and published by “Partridge India-Penguin Publications.” The book is celebrated with Genuinely High Ratings and some truly Positive Reviews!

A Short-Note, About the Author:

Neel Preet is a young Writer-Author who wrote his First Book, VOICE FROM THE EAST at a raw age of 21, which got published in the year 2016. He also happens to be a Lifetime Professional Member of the INDIAN AUTHORS ASSOCIATION and the Youngest Recipient of the IJIP – Best Performer Award in the category of “Writers & Columnist”.

Moreover, Neel Preet had also served as the Book Editor of Amardeep Negi’s Self-Help Book, “The MIND And The SECRET Of RECEIVING MONEY”. While the Authors’ second book, “JOURNEY With TIME PLACE And CIRCUMSTANCES, which got published in the year 2018, became the 4th Best-Seller on Amazon India within few days of it’s release!

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Srilekh Sridharan: Why the title ‘Voice From The East’?
Neel Preet: The title “Voice From The East” very much itself suggests that it’s a literary work by an Asian or probably an Indian. As India is referred to be as Eastern Cultured Nation. Well if you look at world map, you’ll find that India is an Eastern Country.
It’s my way of telling the world that this book, a collection of English Poetry is not by a Western poet but rather from an Indian poet.

Srilekh Sridharan: Why Poetry?
Neel Preet: The reason why I write poetry more often is because of the fact that poetry allows me to express out my feelings in most truest & honest sense!

Srilekh Sridharan: I know the vary basic concept of poetry that it should rhyme. But I can’t see any meter used in yours. Why?
Neel Preet: There’s no fixed pattern actually. I think there’s only 1 poem with rhyming scheme in my writing, i.e. “I Want” and most of them are Sonnets. Others are Free Verses & Ballad & Allegory. With only one lyric & one with rhyming scheme.

Srilekh Sridharan: Any reason?
Neel Preet: The reason why I don’t write in a fixed pattern is because I don’t want to get stereotype with only 1 form of poetry. I love writing sonnets more than any other form of poetry since I’m a big follower of Shakespeare.
I do not want to go with the rhyming scheme always as many of the times you get your main theme or central idea killed because of following the rhyming pattern.

Srilekh Sridharan: Hmm….okay be my teacher. What are the various forms of poetry?
Neel Preet: Sonnets, Ballads, Allegory, Rhymes and many more in fact. You must read I can suggest some good poets.

Srilekh Sridharan: That’s wonderful. Who are your favorite poets?
Neel Preet: Favorite authors are Williams Shakespeare, O Henry, Robert Frost, Rabindranath Tagore, Vikram Seth, Ruskin Bond. They are many more names but I must stop here otherwise the list will not end soon.

Srilekh Sridharan: And poems close to your heart?
Neel Preet: The Road Not Taken, If, Seven Stages Of Man, The Tiger, Stopping, The Dream Within The Dream, The Raven, Paradise Lost & of course the Shakespearean Sonnets.

Srilekh Sridharan: What is main theme behind each poem in your book?
Neel Preet: Well the main theme behind each of the poems collectively is “Self Realization”

Srilekh Sridharan: Finally, what are you working on next?
Neel Preet: I’m currently working on a collection of stories which I hope that it will be published in the 1st half of the upcoming year.

Srilekh Sridharan: Thanks Neel. It was wonderful talking to you. Good Luck for your book and all your future endeavours!
Neel Preet: Thanks Srilekh.


NEEL PREET served as the Editor of the Book, “The Mind and the Secret of Receiving Money”

Writer-Author, Neel Preet served as the Editor of Amardeep Negi’s Self-Help Book, The MIND And The SECRET Of RECEIVING MONEY. The Book is published by INVINCIBLE Publishers, in eBook as well as in Paperback Format and is also listed on Amazon and various other online shopping sites in both the Formats.

Neel Preet who had written his First Book, VOICE FROM THE EAST at the raw age of 21, happened to successful in bagging up the Role of BOOK EDITOR for Amardeep Negi’s Self Help Book. At the young age of 22, Neel Preet had also Scripted a FEATURE FILM based on Milestones Achieved by the Public-Sector Undertakings (PSUs) of India, under the first 3 years rule (2014-2017) of the Modi Government, which is produced by the INDIAN JOURNALIST For INDIAN PEOPLE (IJIP).

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NEEL PREET releases his First Book, VOICE FROM THE EAST, a Collection of Highly Rated Poetry

Neel Preet releases ‘Voice From The East’ – Author’s debut book reveals collection of poetry that helps readers find inner strength, peace. Thought-provoking, insightful and evocative, “Voice From The East” aims to bring to readers a sense of hope, love, joy and victory after the clouds move away. It is the author’s hope for them to learn about their inner self and strength, leave their disappointments and walk with optimism all throughout their life.

In this book, readers will find a collection of 35 appealing poems with a colorful presentation of the various facets of life – from joys, sorrows and pains to hope, victory and morality. The poems consist of a vivid range of topics, touching a lot of subjects within them while some of the poetry possesses very deep meanings trying to flash out the depth of the life experiences. Most of them poems will evoke many emotions from the readers.

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NEEL PREET becomes the Youngest Recipient of the “IJIP Best Performer Award”

Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi: Writer-Author, Neel Preet became the youngest recipient the IJIP – Best Performer Award in the category of “Writer & Columnist” and had received this appreciation from the Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare, Shri Ashwini Kumar Choubey, BJP National Spokesperson & Former Member of Parliament, Dr. Bizoy Sonkar Shastri; BJP Haryana State Senior Leader, Shri Mukesh Gaur and the Director of the IJIP, Mr. Pankaj Kumar.

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