NEEL PREET served as the Editor of the Book, “The Mind and the Secret of Receiving Money”

Writer-Author, Neel Preet served as the Editor of Amardeep Negi’s Self-Help Book, The MIND And The SECRET Of RECEIVING MONEY. The Book is published by INVINCIBLE Publishers, in eBook as well as in Paperback Format and is also listed on Amazon and various other online shopping sites in both the Formats.

Neel Preet who had written his First Book, VOICE FROM THE EAST at the raw age of 21, happened to successful in bagging up the Role of BOOK EDITOR for Amardeep Negi’s Self Help Book. At the young age of 22, Neel Preet had also Scripted a FEATURE FILM based on Milestones Achieved by the Public-Sector Undertakings (PSUs) of India, under the first 3 years rule (2014-2017) of the Modi Government, which is produced by the INDIAN JOURNALIST For INDIAN PEOPLE (IJIP).

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