Media Appearances & Press Release

Interview In Prabhat Khabar Newspaper

Acknowledged as YOUTH ICON in an Interview by “Prabhat Khabar Newspaper” over the Author’s Debut Book, VOICE FROM THE EAST which got celebrated with some truly High Ratings & Positive Reviews on multiple sites!

On Sunday 24th of July 2016, Page 11 of the Prabhat Khabar Newspaper, Patna Circulation published Neel Preet’s Full Interview along with some very interesting facts and details of the Author’s writing journey, which lead to the construction of this Poetry Collection Book.


Press Release of JOURNEY With TIME PLACE And CIRCUMSTANCES in Uditvani Newspaper

Press Release published in “Uditvani Newspaper” of the Book Launch Event, which took place in Hotel Alchor, Jamshedpur on Sunday, 15th of July 2018 organized by Author S.S. Gaur and Neel Preet for their book, JOURNEY With TIME PLACE And CIRCUMSTANCES.


Neel Preet – Strides Over The Years