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Neel Preet releases ‘Voice From The East’ – Author’s debut book reveals collection of poetry that helps readers find inner strength, peace. Thought-provoking, insightful and evocative, VOICE FROM THE EAST aims to bring to readers a sense of hope, love, joy and victory after the clouds move away. It is the author’s hope for them to learn about their inner-self and strength, leave their disappointments and walk with optimism all throughout their life.

In this book, readers will find a collection of 35 appealing poems with a colorful presentation of the various facets of life – from joys, sorrows and pains to hope, victory and morality. The poems consist of a vivid range of topics, touching a lot of subjects within them while some of the poetry possesses very deep meanings trying to flash out the depth of the life experiences. Most of them poems will evoke many emotions from the readers.

This book is perfectly composed for the readers since it covers all the ranges of the poems touching the common aspects of the human life. Based upon the learning from the common life time experiences these poems are being composed. This book features some very fine “Allegories”, “Sonnets”, “Free Verses”, “Fantasies”, a “Ballad” and also a “Lyric”. While a few of these poems also flashes out the light on Mythological Subjects, Historical Events, Religious Sentiments, Philosophies, Imaginations and the Environment. Also, there are some “Romantic” poems while some “Tragic” poems as well.

In this book the readers would find a very colorful presentation of the various facets of the life which draws the vivid pictures of Life, Joys, Sorrow, Pains, Hope, Victory, Morality and reflects the phases of life.


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Neel Preet along with Mr. S.S. Gaur releases this Book – JOURNEY With TIME PLACE And CIRCUMSTANCES which is a Self-Help Book, based on the Philosophies of Common Lifetime Experiences and aims to enlighten us with the primary aspects of life like TIME, PLACE and CIRCUMSTANCES on which the “Human Journey” depends!

The Author intends to edify the need of inculcating Knowledge and Skills to the Youths of today’s world so that they learn the DO’s and DON’Ts of the life without committing the common mistakes and for them to understand about the RIGHTS and WRONGS, well in advance. Moreover, it’s extremely significant for every being to take only those steps, which are beneficial for our Growth and Progress.

The book, JOURNEY With TIME PLACE And CIRCUMSTANCES, is written with the object of providing benefits to the youths with the understanding of the life, which depends on TPC (Time, Place, Circumstances). The Author of the book, believes that anyone who does hard work with knowledge and honesty will definitely realize their dreams. Nothing can stop them!



1) Script Writer of a FEATURE FILM

Neel Preet being the HEAD WRITER of this Private Media Organization, INDIAN JOURNALIST For INDIAN PEOPLE (IJIP), had also scripted a “Feature Film” at the young age of 22.

This FEATURE FILM was made on the Milestones Achieved by the Public-Sector Undertakings (PSUs) of India, under the first 3 years rule (2014-2017) of the Modi Government, produced by Indian Journalist for Indian People (IJIP) & created by Bharti Brothers Productions, the Film was released on 4th of October 2017.


2) Book Editor & Proofreader

Furthermore, the Author Neel Preet has also served as the BOOK EDITOR and PROOFREADER of Amardeep Negi’s Self-Help Book, “The Mind and the Secret of Receiving Money” published by INVINCIBLE Publishers, in eBook as well as in Paperback Format and is also listed on Amazon and various other online shopping sites in both the Formats.


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